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Born in 2003

Produced with golf legend Arnold Palmer, Kingdom magazine launched in the winter of 2003 and swiftly became America’s pre-eminent golf-lifestyle publication for private club members and luxury golf resort guests.

Engaging Content

Creative, insightful, and stylishly designed the pages Kingdom engage and enthrall.

Top-tier Readership

The magazine’s wealthy readership includes leaders in business, sports, politics and entertainment.

Solid Values

Kingdom is produced and maintained with integrity, loyalty and respect for all parties.

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American Icon Global Perspective

With offices in London, Los Angeles and New York Kingdom offers both a world and local view.

AP Design

Members of Arnold Palmer Design Company courses receive Kingdom Magazine.


People who enjoy golf don't just play the game, they live the life. To reflect this the sport's most loved individual, Arnold Palmer, and the Arnold Palmer Design Company, decided to provide their own exclusive magazine solely for the members and guests of the prestigious courses that they have designed across the United States of America.

Mr. Palmer and APDC, collaborated with prominent international journal publisher, TMC USA, to launch "KINGDOM" in December 2003. The publication was a great success and a credit to all of those involved. Warmly received by the members and guests of Arnold Palmer's courses, KINGDOM contains editorial of the highest caliber, written by some of the best known names in golf journalism, covering just about every aspect of this great game. 

Topics covered include in-depth profiles and one-on-one interviews with the game’s top players; reviews of championship courses and resorts; news on the latest golf equipment and apparel; opinion from some of the top golf writers around the world; personal stories and anecdotes from Arnold Palmer and his many friends; instructional tips from golf professionals at Palmer Design courses; and news about Arnold Palmer Enterprise partners and licensees. 

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Current Issue


Kingdom 34


Arnie wasn’t going to be an astronomer. He knew it and his astronomy professor knew it, that’s why the prof would simply wish Palmer luck on course as he watched him slip out of class. The professor’s perspective let Palmer become a better golfer (and we know where that led). Others who benefitted from perspective: powerboat luminaries Mal Crease and Peter Dredge; audio genius John Bowers; tough infielder Nick Punto and more, all covered in this issue.

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Kingdom 30


Coco Chanel once said that “Women must tell men always that they are the strong ones. They are the big, the strong, the wonderful. In truth, women are the strong ones.” No question about it. In this year-end issue of Kingdom, we pause to celebrate women: Angie Everhart, Paula Creamer, the women of the LPGA Tour and 50 others who helped to develop the women’s game.

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Kingdom 24

10th Anniversary

Looking back over a decade of Kingdom, we’ve learned that if you do the little things right the big picture paints itself. Hit the ball well, you win the hole. Win enough holes, you win the tourney. Win enough tourneys, you have a career. Win an exceptional number of important tourneys in sublime fashion while flying planes and running successful businesses, and you’re Arnold Palmer. A history of great stories, and new stories as well, all in this 10th anniversary issue.

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Kingdom 17


The space industry keeps our dreams alive, directing our eyes skyward in wonder even as it improves our lives on the ground with new technologies. This issue celebrates that—and great golf as well. Virgin Galactic is only the beginning, and as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “If the stars should appear but one night every thousand years, how man would marvel and stare.”

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Kingdom 14

Arnie’s 80th

When we asked people if they had anything to say to Arnie on the occasion of his 80th birthday, we were deluged with salutations (we couldn’t fit them all in). Some of the greetings came from world leaders, some from business icons, some from personal friends. Without exception, each birthday wish was sincere. Here, we join the chorus in celebrating 80 years of an amazing individual.

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